Andrej Kabachnik

I am Andrej Kabachnik
Innovative software architect and business process designer

My speciality is the design and architecture of web based business applications like CRMs, merchandise management systems, ERPs, eCommerce platforms, etc. I take pride in creating simple, yet powerful and flexible software to optimize business processes and raise the efficiency of other peoples daily work.

Points of interest
What I focus on

Modern business applications

Business applications like an ERP or a CRM play a very central role in any modern company. The right software used in the right way can easily decide upon success or failure.

Business process analysis

Creating business applications means understanding the business and, perhaps even more importantly, the unique approach of the brilliant people behind it.

Requirements engineering

Figuring out, what people need is an art in itself, but even more important is the question "what for?". Answering it often reveals simpler, elegant and efficient approaches.

Efficient software architecture

Business applications have a long life cycle with a tremendous amount of customizing along the way. A good architecture makes them maintainable and flexible enough to cope with ever changing requirements.

Model driven development

The needs of most businesses are similar in many aspects. Describing basic business rules as an overarching model significantly simplifies the development of new features, often bringing it down to merely cosmetic changes.


A good tool is one, that is simple yet efficient and versatile. In the complex world of modern business one of the most exciting challanges is making the software tools easy and simple to use.

Current employment
ERP product manager

Currently I am the product manager for alexa Retail - a retail management system for omnichannel commerce - and the business web app plattform Power UI at SALT Solutions AG in Germany.

alexa Retail is a web based ERP-application focused on managing a retailers daily business: from planning, across byuing and logistics to sales and price management and finally reporting. One of the the unique features of alexa is the ability seamlessly blend different sales channels, easily supporting cross-channel scenarios in-store terminals accessing the entire eCommerce-assortment with it's high product availability, rich content cross-selling, etc. or simply the ability of ordering online and picking up in a store.

Power UI is a technological plattform, that allows to create and run business web applications by mere configuration. It's key advantage is the ability to seamlessly blend data from different sources. It is an ideal base for interactive dashboards, mobile applications or even larger custom applications.

alexa ERP